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The action of the novel takes place in New York City between Chapter XXX to Chapter XLVII which roughly spans the period: Summer 1890 - Winter 1897. The map below charts the various locations in New York City that characters visit or mention.

78th St Central Park Wellington Broadway Theatre 58th St Empire Theatre Bryant Park Grand Central Station Casino Empire Theatre Bryant Park Long Island Broadway Lyceum Waldorf Imperial Dalys Theatre 5th Avenue Theatre Delmonicos Madison Square Theatre Madison Square Theatre Gansevoort Market Bellevue 19th St Sisters of Mercy 13th St Sisters of Mercy 13th St 17th St Stuyvesant Park Fleischmann 14th St 8th St Bleecker St Broadway Central Wooster St Bowery Job Search Poker Games Warren St Brooklyn Sherrys Tammany Hall Carrie Hurstwood Drouet Ames Other Characters

Carrie resides at several addresses during her time in NYC

Hurstwood's addresses follow a different course

78th Street
13th Street
17th Street
The Wellington
The Waldorf
78th Street
13th Street
Bleecker Street Hotel
Broadway Central
8th Street lodging house
Sisters of Mercy
Potter's Field

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New York in the "Gilded Age" and "Populist" eras.

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