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After Hurstwood tricks Carrie into leaving Chicago with him, he convinces her to come to Montreal. The journey by train from Chicago to Canada and including the stop in Detroit, takes approximately a day and a half.

Hurstwood and Carrie stay at a hotel in Montreal (location unspecified). Hurstwood has stayed in the hotel before. At one point, in the hotel lobby, Hurstwood runs into an acquaintance, Mr Kenny, a stockbroker. Hurstwood checks himself and Carrie into the hotel under the alias: G.W. Murdock and wife. The couple later assume the second name "Wheeler" when they get married. They are married in Montreal by a Baptist minister, "the first divine they found convenient (Chapter XXIX)." In a later scene, Hurstwood tells Carrie that their marriage in Montreal was not legally binding (Chapter XXXVI).

Hurstwood who is on the run following the robbery at Fitzgerald & Moy, quietly worries because he does not know what the extradition laws are between America and Canada. Hurstwood reads in the newspapers about the robbery he committed in Chicago and assumes that his ex-employers will hire Pinkerton men or agents of Mooney and Boland to find him. An Irish detective happens to notice Hurstwood and confronts him.

Hurstwood writes to the firm in Chicago, offers to pay the money back and asks if he can be reinstated. Mr Moy replies, informing Hurstwood that he will not press charges if Hurstwood pays the money back. Hurstwood telegraphs that he agrees to these terms, but he keeps $1300 of the money he took.

Neither Carrie, nor Hurstwood like Montreal and they leave on a train for New York City.

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