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Ames, a young man who Carrie meets through the Vances (her neighbors in the apartment building on 78th Street). He comes from Indianappolis.
Ames remarks to Carrie that he's met lots of men in his 'line' from Indiana and tells her he's 'connected' with the electrical company (Chapter XXXII).
Ames heads out West, but returns to New York City towards the end of the novel, having opened up a studio on Wooster Street.


The family living across the hall from Carrie in the apartment building in Ogden Place, Chicago originate from Evansville, Inidiana. They are the wife and daughter of a railroad treasurer.
The daughter plays the piano and her music disturbs Carrie (Ames also makes Carrie listen to music). Carrie mimics the railroad treasurer's daughter's "graceful carriage" (Chapter XI).

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