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Note to Minnie
Carrie receives "mash notes" when she's starring at The Casino (Chapter XLIV).


In Chicago Hurstwood and Carrie arrange their trysts by leaving letters for each other at the West Side Post Office.
Hurstwood and Carrie take the mail train from Chicago to Detroit.


Hurstwood telephones Michigan Central Depot from Sargeant Drug Store after he has stolen the money from Fitzgerald & Moy's and starts to plan his escape from Chicago. "The telephone was widely used in business establishments by the late 1880s, but private phones or phones for public use in stores were still a rarity" (fn.186).


It would seem Hurstwood telegraphs Fitzgerald & Moy from Montreal, accepting their terms not to prosecute him if he returns the money he stole from them. The first communication Hurstwood makes to Fitzgerald & Moy after arriving in Montreal (when he asks for his job back) seems to have been made in a letter sent via the postal service. Chapter XXIX