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The action of the novel takes place in Chicago between Chapter I to Chapter XXVIII, which roughly spans the period of one year in Carrie's life: Summer 1889 - Summer 1890. The maps below chart the various locations in Chicago that characters visit or mention. During her time spent in Chicago, Carrie resides at three addresses:
Van Buren Street
Wabash Avenue
Ogden Place

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Lincoln Park Hurstwood Home Garfield Park Union Park Michigan Central Jefferson Park Post Office Douglas Park Interstate Exposition Building Stock Yards Boulevard Washington Park
Carrie Hurstwood Drouet Other Characters Bartlett, Caryoe & Company Avery Hall Ogden Place Chicago Opera House Peoria St Van Buren St The Standard Windsor House Hotel McVickers Palmer House Sargeant Drug Store Rhodes, Morgentham & Scott Rectors Fitzgerald & Moy Fair Wholesale District Pardridges Wabash Ave Windsor House Hotel McVickers Rectors Palmer House Fitzgerald & Moy Fair The Standard

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Chicago in the "Gilded Age" and "Populist" eras.

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