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Carrie joins Lola and some boys for a drive in a carriage around Central Park. The party begin at 59th Street entrance and travel past the Museum of Art, exiting the park on 110 Street and 7th Avenue. They then go onto the Harlem River. Following their drive the party dine at Delmonico's (Chapter XXXIX).

The same day Carrie leaves Hurstwood he takes a similar route on foot. He walks along the west side of Central Park from 59th Street, takes a detour to look at his old neighborhood on 78th Street, goes back to the park and follows it until 110th Street, then turns onto 7th Avenue and heads for the Harlem River (Chapter XLII).
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"Her eye [Carrie's} was once more taken by the show of wealth - the elaborate costumes, elegant harnesses, spirted horses, and, above all the beauty."
Prendergast's romanticized watercolor of carriages passing through Central Park's parade, 1901.

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