Theatre located at Broadway and 39th Street.

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The Casino is one of the theatres in NYC that Carrie visits summer of 1894 to look for work in the chorus line. The box office clerk tells her how to find a theatrical agent Carrie returns to the Casino the following week, after her initial rebuff and meets with the manager. The manager offers Carrie her first paid job on the stage (Chapter XXXVIII) .

At the Casino Carrie takes up the stage name "Carrie Madenda," the name Drouet selected for her when she performed at Avery Hall in Chicago. Her starting salary is $12 a week which $8 more than she received working in her last job at Rhodes, Morgentham & Scott in Chicago, 5 years prior. After her second month of working at the Casino, Carrie gets a promotion and a raise, her salary increases to $18 (Chapter XXXIX). Carrie's show ends at the Casino and she gets a job in the chorus at the Broadway Theatre.

Carrie returns to the Casino to take a silent part in a show in May 1895 (Chapter XLIII). She gets paid $30 a week. Within weeks of starting in the show she is offered a twelve month contract and $150 a week.

One night outside the Casino, Carrie sees Hurstwood for the last time. He asks her for money (Chapter XLVI).

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Casino (undated), 1897? The heading reads: "The Belle of New York," NYPL

"One of the largest theatres in New York, The Casino specialized in musicals. Lillian Russell was one of its perennial attractions during the 1890s" (fn.268).

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