Located on 78th Street, near Amsterdam Avenue.

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Carrie and Hurstwood's first residence in New York City. They live at this address between the summer of 1890 to the summer of 1893. The apartment has "six rooms and a bath, running in a straight line," for which they pay a rent of 35 dollars. The apartment "was one of the very new ones supplied with steam heat." Hurstwood pays an installment company 50 dollars down and 10 dollars a month thereafter to furnish the flat (Chapter XXX).

Mr and Mrs Vance become Carrie's neighbors and live in the apartment across the hall (Chapter XXXI). Carrie and Mrs Vance become friends. The Vances live in their apartment from the summer 1891? to the spring of1893.

Long after Hurstwood and Carrie have moved out of the building on 78th Street to 13th Street (around spring 1895), Hurstwood returns to this neighborhood to see it, "much improved. The great open spaces were filling up" (Chapter XLII).

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The Upper West Side. Railway houses. Installment company.

"The upper West Side was still comparatively sparsely populated in the 1890s because the subway system, which was to provide cheap rapid transit to the downtown area, was yet to be built. Carrie and Hurstwood's apartment is a so called railway flat" (fn.207).

Further Reading:

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